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Det. Patrick J McNerney
Det. Frank Accardi
1st Vice President
Det. Donald Conklin
2nd Vice President
Det. John Curnyn
George Fortaleza
Recording Secretary
Det. Eric Lynch
Sergeant-at Arms
Danny DiPrimo
William Morrison
President Emeritus



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Port Authority Police Detectives Endowment Association

Mission Statement

    As per the 1980 Constitution and Bylaws preamble, the Port Authority Police Detectives Endowment Association, Inc. was formed "to promote and develop a friendly and fraternal spirit among the Detectives of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and to render all moral and in its discretion, material aid to its members."

     Article II of the same document goes on to state that he purpose of the Association is to promote the general welfare of its members in good standing, to negotiate, work for and secure the best possible salary benefits and working conditions.

     These are not merely words included in an old document but are taken very seriously by every member of the past current Executive Boards. By believing in these words, we have negotiated salary and benefits, which puts us in a category as being some of the best-compensated Detectives in the Metropolitan area.

     Our goal is to retain and enhance our compensation and benefits to the highest standards so as to keep our membership and their families with wages and benefits due them. The Union also takes seriously its role in ensuring the best and safest working conditions and to maintain a high standard of investigative excellence.